Friday, 15 October 2010


I've just had a great 10 minutes on Twitter finding fascinating people to follow. Its interesting the way you can find people on other people's follow lists. Ten tweeter I've recently I've found and decided to follow are:

Lady Gaga
Beddie from Madness, (who has only just started on Twitter.)
Charlie Higson
Mark Gatiss
Reece Shearsmith (Yes, I'm a League of Gentlemen fan.)
Eli Roth
Daniel Stamm (who directed The Last Excorcism and who is promoting Saw 3d)
John Barrowman (and his alter ego, Captain Jack Harkness)
Miranda Hart

This is cool. I'm still at work and two of my senior managers are yelling at me to go home. To quote Simon...

"Bunyip, you should be out of here. You should not be in this building...."

Oh alright then.

Have a good weekend whoever is reading this, from...

An easily persuaded Bunyip

Friday, 1 October 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Work has been bonkers for the last couple of weeks with no sign of letting up. So has my social life. Just as I attend one play that one of my friends is in, I seem to get two more invitations via email or Facebook. Once upon a time, I would have made a supreme effort to go and see all these plays even if they were outside central London in places like Leytonstone or Hampton Wick. I would spread myself too thin and feel knackered.

Nowadays, I've realised that I can't be a total social butterfly and that occasionaly I need a night in. So I'll go and see friends in a play maybe once a year rather then two or three times if they get cast in more then one play. I also understand if they can't make it to see me in whatever plays I'm in.

Had a panto rehearsal down in Worthing on Sunday. The ugly sisters and the prince didn't turn up which was slightly worrying. However, the cast I did meet were great:)

Ta ta for now. I'd better resume work. TGIF!

A tired Bunyip