Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hello 2011!

We're already 18 days into 2011 and quite a lot has happened. Where to start?

First of all, I did get some of what I wanted for Christmas. I received half a day in a spa, loads of chocolate and Baileys, and a Next voucher. I've also bought a new winter coat from Monsoon amongst other things. (Managed to get Stephen King's latest book from the library and read it.)

The headline news is I'm going to write a play this year!! Working title is Will woz here. Shakespeare comes back from the grave and helps a girl sort out her love life with six of his leading ladies. I've been reading a massive biography by Peter Ackroyd and finding out loads of stuff about Will that I didn't know before eg he played the Ghost of Hamlet's father. I'm also getting lots of odd ideas at odd moments eg our heroine works in a call centre and is contacted by one of the leading ladies via the phone. I've got an idea for another encounter on the tube. Its showing how Shakespeare's characters are relevant today.

Went to the playreading for "Road". Hmmmm. Not sure whether to audition or not. I can do a Northern accent, just not consistently. Would like to get one of the monologues if I do audition, not a small part. There is nothing worse then spending most of a play sat in the dressing room. I don't mind not having not many lines, but stage time is important or else why bother?

Oh and I was off work with an awful stomach bug the week before last. I won't go into details....

Its about nine weeks to my New York trip. Need to save more money. I'll share my list of places I want to visit and experiences I want to have in my next blog.

Take care,

A creative Bunyip