Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eating Knish

I had a great time in New York. Although there was a very cold wind throughout the week, there was also sunshine. I did lots of lounging watching the US cookery channel. (Well, I was on holiday!) I also did loads of wandering around Manhatten and plonking myself on park benches and posh hotel lobbies whenever I got tired. My wanderings included... 1, The Statue of Liberty - Well worth the long queue for security at the Ferry. Tall, green and beautiful. 2, The Ramble and Turtle Lake in Central Park - Didn't expect to see turtles! 3, Brooklyn Bridge - Long walk, but great views. Had to take pix of my friend, TJ, doing his Spiderman impression! 4, The "I'll have what she's having" deli from When Harry met Sally. You know the clip I mean:) 5, Didn't make it inside the Russian Tea Room this time, but took a picture of the banner. 6, The inside of St Patrick's Cathedral. Wow! 7, The knish deli from "Whatever Works". (A knish is a kind of potato dumpling. Whatever Works is a Woody Allen film.) 8, The holding area of a film set. (TJ is a background artist and he took me along. Lots of people waiting round, waving suits at the wardrobe team.) 9, The bar at the Carlyle Hotel. $7 for a Coca Cola! 10, The biggest toy story in the US! It has the piano from Big, huge cuddly toys, muppets and Chewbacca made from Lego. I was in heaven! Oh I love New York. I wish I had had a little more money on me to go shopping. Had to restrain myself in Barnes and Noble! Now I'm back in the office, waiting to hear if I've been cast in the Network production of Romeo and Juliet. A jet-lagged Bunyip.