Friday, 4 March 2011

C'mon Spring! Where are you?

Just as things were getting warmer last week in London, an arctic wind in London pushed the temperatures back down again to a couple of degrees above freezing during the day.

I love Spring with all the new greenary and snowdrops peeking up. Its the season of cute animals as well. Lambs, chicks and of course, bunnies:)

I'm off to New York in just under three weeks. Will probably go for a stroll in Central park at some point. Although it has more paths and rocks then London's parks, it also has its fair share of great statues. The best place is near the boating lake on the South East side of the park. If you want. you can sit on Hans Christian Anderson's knee as he reads a story or you can clamber over the Mad Hatter's Tea Party statue around the corner. I managed to get a picture of it between swampings of school kids and their parents.

I quite like statues. Not the military ones of stern Victorian generals as much. I studied A Level Classical Civilisations, so saw loads of Greek and Roman gods, goddesses and heroes. I love the dramatic poses eg Herecles throttling snakes as a baby ect... The more movement and drama the better. I also like Anthony Gormley's still figures and the Angel of the North is one of my favourites. Thanks to Dr Who and the Weeping Angels, statues have been given an extra frisson. Did it move? Did it? I'm sure it moved! DON'T BLINK!

A wide-eyed Bunyip.