Monday, 26 July 2010

Are you lonesome tonight?

I went to the Buxton Fringe Festival on Saturday to see my friend's Alison and Andy perform their play called Are you Lonesome Tonight. Its about a couple "celebrating" their wedding anniversary. As a present to his wife, Dwight has booked tickets for all of Elvis's tour around the US. Little do they know that Elvis is about to leave the building for good!

I like Buxton. Its like a cross between Edinburgh with lots of hills and Bath with its spa connections. It has a lovely park in the middle where Alison and I spent a peaceful hour yesterday morning watching the ducks get fed and trying to recover from the night before. They've invited me to be part of their cast for next year's production. I agreed at once.

Am tired. Don't know whether its a side effect from the pills I'm taking or because I had a busy weekend.

Watched Sherlock last night and loved it. Great casting especially Benedict Cumberpatch, a plot that wasn't predicatable and plenty for Holmes fans. Nice one, Messrs Moffat and Gatiss:)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

No alcohol for six weeks

I took my first anti-depressent this morning.

I've been experiencing symptoms of depression since 2004. These include lack of energy/appetite/sleep, crying for no reason, feeling slow and lethargic, feeling guilty, worthless and very irritable especially with background noise, difficulty concentrating, bursts of anger and other stuff. Not good. Am seeing a therapist. Its hard talking to people about depression unless they've experienced as well. (Not my therapist, she's fine. I'm mean whoever may be reading this who is lucky enough not to have depression.)

Have been feeling sad and overwhelmed by life recently and I'm fed up of this and all the other symptoms, so after being scared and saying to no them for the past six years, I've finally started taking anti-depressents.

Why am I scared of them? Side effects. You should see the list of side effects on the little leaflet that comes with my pills. They range from common ones that happen to one in ten people who take this particular medication such as nausea, headaches and dry mouth to rare and exciting ones like convulsions, bleeding, euphoria, loss of contact with your own personal reality and anaphylactic reactions. Oh yes, and there's the side effect that this leaflet doesn't know the frequency of, thoughts of harming or killing themselves. Dear God. And the leaflet also says it is inadvisable to consume alcohol whilst on this medication.

I wobbled down the phone to my sister after reading this last night. Being the great nurse she is, she was very reassuring and reminded me that the scary side effects are very very very rare. So this morning, I popped my first happy pill. All I've felt today is slight nausea. So, I will press on, despite not being able to drink for six weeks and see what happens. I've just remembered, I have a friend's hen do at Vinopolis in August. That's going to be interesting!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Every time we say Goodbye....

After two family packed weekends, I reverted to my usual weekend activities. These are:

1, Lie in.
2, Watch Saturday Kitchen, (or I would have done if the golf hadn't been on! GRRRR!)
3, Lounge and watch DVDs.
4, Surf internet in West Hampstead library.
5, Browse in some local charity shops and add to my Dvd collection.

It was whilst I was performing activity number 5, that I came across De-Lovely, a Cole Porter biopic starring Kevin Kilne, Helen Hunt, Robbie Williams, Alanis Morisette and Captain Jack Harkness, (I mean John Barrowman. Ahem!)

It was delightful, delicious and de-lovely. Loads of 1920's glamour, beautiful songs and the idea of all the performers in Cole Porter's life giving him a big sing off just before he dies. I de-loved it:)

Going to the Doctor's this evening. Am going to request something that I've been scared of asking for, but I think I'd better try.... Anti-depressents. Why? I won't go into too much detail now. I'll just tell you that I'm a depressive, its an illness, (not something "trendy" as certain journalists have decided,) and I occasionally find life difficult to cope with. Ho hum. Glad to get that out of the way.

Take care,


Friday, 16 July 2010

Cow, Mantra Ray and big pink Monstor!

Newquay was an experience. Tourest-tastic and lovely beach during the day. At night time, the clubbers, hen and stag parties take over until about 5am. Oh the sights I have seen! They include a shark swimming over my head in the acquarium, a group of "geek" stags and my sister's new heart tattoo on the bottom of her spine. Happy to say, she had a great time.

Liz, my sister has fed my cuddly toy habit. I have returned from Bristol with a cow called Bovril, a mantra ray from the acquarium called Marina and a big pink Monstor puppet that threw itself, (with Liz's help) at me called Wilbur. Ho hum. The rest of my week's holiday was spent lounging at Liz's house watching DVD's like Lost Boys and Inglourious Basterds. I love Tarantino films.

We did wedding stuff yesterday before I got on the train back to London. I need another fitting for my bridesmaid's dress in August. (Sigh.) We went to Tortworth Court where the reception is being held and discussed exciting stuff like the colour of the napkins and dietary requirements. (Yawn!) Hurry up September.

Am back in the office today, feeling snowed under. Changes are afoot with my job again and I'm not sure I like them. Need to finish and send out the newsletter. (This is one part of my job I do enjoy:)

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. ZZZZZzzzzz!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sun, Sea and cocktails

The weekend with Mum went better then expected. I slept through some of the snoring. Hair was fantastic. I have sung and danced on the stage of the Gielgud Theatre. We shared the love:) We also found ourselves on Oxford St at the same time as the Gay Pride parade. Twas great.

Am off to Newquay this weekend for my sister's Hen holiday. I keep threatening to bring my furry handcuffs. Am spending a couple of days with her, going to see the reception venue and making the final payment on my bridesmaids dress. Am trying to decide what books to take with me. Found myself in Waterstones Charing Cross yesterday buying a Torchwood book. Thats coming along. Maybe one of the Stephen Kings.

Hello to my first follower:) *Waves* Dr Who related. Nice. I've been a fan since Tom Baker became a cactus in Meglos. First Dr Who memories are that and the Marshmen emerging from the mist in Full Circle.

Will try and blog during my holiday at my sister's. Take care all.


Friday, 2 July 2010

Bridesmaid preparations with Mum this weekend

My sister is getting married in September and Mum has come to London for the weekend to take me shopping for bridesmaid stuff. She reckons that the only place we can get it is John Lewis on Oxford St. I quite dislike Oxford St especially when its crowded. Am dreading this. I'm a strange girl who would rather spend her money on books or dvds rather then shoes or handbags.

I don't mind, but I only have the one rented room and Mum snores. She sounds like the Tardis. Normally, being a Dr Who fan, I like the sound of the Tardis, but not materialising continuously at 4am! I've bought wax earplugs. I snore as well, or so my friends tell me when they've shared rooms with me. Many a time, I've been prodded awake or heard their voices calling to me from the depths of my dreams telling me that I'm snoring.

Bunyip is a cuddly toy rabbit with big feet that is co-owned by me and my sister, Elizabeth. She is sat on the side of my bed with loads more cuddly toys that I've collected. I don't know why we called a rabbit Bunyip. It seems to suit her. I know its also the name of an aquatic creature of Australian mythology. My twitter feed is named Bunyip as well. Why Planet Bunyip? I have an overactive imagination and use it to sometimes escape the real world when it gets me down. I was originally going to call this blog, Planet Jen, but Planet Bunyip is more original.