Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye bye 2010.

This is me, sat at my desk at work, on the last day of 2010. (Before you feel too sorry for me, my lovely boss has told me I can leave at lunchtime!) Sooooo, 2010. What happened? Lots of stuff.

1, My sister finally got married. Day of great joy, (and fustration down to clutch bag that wouldn't stay shut!)

2, Spent a week in New York, (Concrete jungle where dreams are maaaade of, there's nothing you can't do...) Ahem! Stood on the top of the Rockfeller Centre with my friend, TJ, saw the Tim Burton exhibition at MOMA and discovered the yumminess of BBQ ribs. Watch out Manhattan, I'm coming back!

3, Got Eli Roth and Charlaine Harris's autographs. (Not at the same time!)

4, Went and saw not one, but two great performances of Hair. One of them was with my Mum and I have now danced onstage in the West End:) I'm getting her the soundtrack for her birthday.

5, Discovered and worked with No Logo Productions who I did Mistaken for Strangers with. The character we created, Louise, had really good feedback and I enjoyed playing her. I'm hopefully doing the Buxton Fringe Festival with them next year.

6, With the help of my therapist, I found out a bit more about what makes me tick and how I deal with it.

7, Got upgraded to one of the suites at the St David's hotel in Cardiff. Wow! Wish I could have spent more time there.

Well, those were the highlights. Am not going to think about the lowlights. By the way, I don't do resolutions. I never keep them. I like to take the future as it comes. Hope that we all have the courage to grab great opportunities when they are close to us and to say no when we have to.

Happy New Year from me and my orangutang, Aphrodite who is sat on my desk today.

Love from a hopeful Bunyip. xx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Tidings

The snow did hit London after all leading to many travel delays with planes, Eurostar and some train services. Fingers crossed the 8.15 from Paddington to Bristol Parkway is running tomorrow. I don't really fancy spending Christmas on my own!

The panto in Brighton didn't go as well as planned. The snow prevented the majority of our audience from travelling to Brighton. We had a couple of actors who didn't know when to stop ad-libbing and get on with the plot. Ho hum. I've also discovered that I didn't get cast in the play I auditioned for a couple of weeks ago:( Oh well, means that I can audition for Road by Jim Cartwright in January.

Anyway, the pressies are wrapped, the cards are sent, I've nearly eaten all the chocolate in my Advent calender and I went to a great carol service at St Martins in the Fields. I really went for it singing O Come All ye Faithful and Hark the Herald Angels Sing and strained my voice slightly! (I love those carols.) I have about two hours left at work and then, as far as I'm concerned, it is officially Christmas!

This time tomorrow, (trains permitting), I'll be decorating the family Christmas tree. I'm looking forward to turkey, brandy sauce and Dr Who on the telly:)

Hope that anyone reading this has a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011!

A Festive Bunyip.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Wow, its been cold, hasn't it? London seems to have escaped the worst of the snow. I saw what it was like in Newcastle when I went up for a much missed relative's funeral. We were driving along the Whitely Bay coast to the crematorum with snow flurrying around us and all we could see was white and grey everywhere.

The past six weeks have been insanely busy with a major work event and Sinders is a Gay rehearsal and press night. I've done about 75% of my Christmas shopping. Still need to get pressies for my Dad and my brother in law. Meanwhile, this all important question has been occupying my mind....

What do I want for Christmas? Erm.... (Discounting the obvious wishes that my family and friends remain healthy next year, world peace ect....)

1, Stephen Kings latest book.
2, Tickets to see as many of the Shakespeare plays at the Camden Roundhouse as possible.
3, A patchwork quilt to snuggle up in.
4, A part in Torchwood, Dr Who, True Blood, (yes, I know we're now in the realms of fantasy here. So what!)
5, A day at a spa.
6, A trip to San Francisco or New Orleans. (Fantasy again, I know. Can't really afford these.)
7, Chocolate!
8, Money to go mad in Monsoon with!
9, A way of getting out of the Civil Service straight into an acting or digital media career with minimum loss of income. (Just seen a flying pig zoom past!)
10, Some good sex would be nice. (Just seen a squadron of flying pigs fly past the window in formation!)

Anyway, something tells me I won't get all of these. So, I'll just settle for a happy, stress-free Christmas:)

Take care,

A wistful Bunyip x