Monday, 9 May 2011

Buffalo milk and treacle tart

I celebrated my 36th birthday this weekend by going to the Real Food Exhibition at Earl's Court. (36? How did that happen? I don't feel 36!)

I'm a little bit of a foodie. Any event that hands out free samples of cheese, chorizo, ham, honey, apple brandy, fudge, ice cream, proper olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chocolate and many other delicious goodies and I am there. I also patted a buffalo, saw what the inside of an egg looks like when the chick is still growing in there, burned my fingers on an asparugus yorkshire pudding cooked by a top chef and had a major coughing fit after trying some so-called "mild" Jamaican sauce. Needed emergancy ice cream after that.

I have some parts in Romeo and Juliet. YAY! I play Romeo's page, Balthazar, a Capulet servant who can't read and a nun! Only took three weeks of gently pestering the director who I hadn't heard back from! We did the dance for the ball scene last week. Lots of genteel bowing and curtseying and trying to walk backwards gracefully.

Right, I'm off home to consume the slice of treacle tart I bought at Earl's Court.

Take care,

A greedy Bunyip