Sunday, 19 September 2010

Did that week really happen?

Blimey. I've just had a week that's been in turn exciting, moving, very stressful and joyful. Not your usual 9-5. In fact I only made it to work on Friday.

After 13 years of engagement, 18 months of preparation and six trips to get dress fittings, my sister Liz and her fiance, Richard finally got married last Saturday. Am very happy for them:) They both looked gorgeous. Despite missing luggage, problems with cravats and buttons on the dresses, wasps at the reception and a handbag that wouldn't stay closed, a good day was had. It was wierd to see so many family members and friends from all over the country and world in the same room at the same time. We had Peter and Sue from Whitely Bay, Sara and Helen from Basildon, Dad who lives in the middle of Wales, Iona and Andrei from Bucharest and my friend TJ from New York!! It was great to see them all.

TJ and I returned to London on Sunday and we went to the London Movie Museum on the South Bank. (See previous blog entry.) Needless to say, we had a light sabre dual on the Star Wars set and there is a great picture of me using the force to levitate him:) Its now on disk, so I'll try to work out how to post it up on here. We met up with a friend of TJ's and visited an amazing graffitied tunnel near Waterloo. The walls are covered with art. At some point, idiots have scrawled over some of it, but there is still some imaginative work to be seen. Banksey has been there at one point.

Tuesday and Wednesday happened and I had a stomach bug. Blurgh. Not nice. Crikey, Immodium doesn't half knock me out. Dunno what caused it. TJ returned to New York on Wednesday afternoon. Was sorry to see him go despite his habit of falling asleep at odd moments.

Laid off coffee and dairy for a couple days and returned to work on Friday only to be reminded that I had last minute stuff to do for an event on Monday. Eeek! What a week. Some of it doesn't feel real.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Zombie love and banana bread recipe

I had a horror-tastic August Bank Holiday weekend by going to a couple of screenings at Film Four's Fright Fest in Leicester Square.

First, I took part in Andy Nyman's Quiz from Hell. There were questions that I was proud to know the answer to eg who was Michael Myer's first victim? I also kicked myself for not remembering that "Don't Stop me now" by Queen was in the Shaun on the Dead soundtrack. (Doh!) I think that I answered roughly half of the questions correctly. Twas fun.

The quiz was immediately followed by a wide selection of short horror films. There was great variety to behold from killer vacuum cleaners, a dad administering bloody revenge on the kids who stole his son's lunch box and, my personal favourite, zombie romance. Ahhh!

So, 9,20pm on Monday and I was sat surrounded by fellow fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Eli Roth and his fellow cast and crew to introduce "The Last Exorcism." I was slightly apprehensive because Eli's films have a reputation of including very graphic violence. However, this time, he produced and chose to work with Daniel Stamm, a director who focusses more on the characters and the decisions that they make. He also creates some very creepy moments that had me watching with my hand over my mouth to prevent screaming. (That is my default horror film watching position. If my hand is over my mouth, I am very scared!)

The film is about Cotton Marcus, (played by a charismatic Patrick Fabian.) He is a Louisiana preacher who fakes exorcisms for money. He has become disillusioned with this, so he agrees to let a documentary crew to film his last "exorcism" and all the tricks behind it. Job done, he takes the money and returns to his motel only to find the possessed girl, still possessed and waiting for him in his room.

Great acting all round especially from Ashley Bell who makes you want to hug her one minute, then run away from her in terror the next. The "counting to ten" scene is chilling.

The ending is unpredictable and has sparked some controversy. I'm not going to spoil anything. Go and see the film and make your own mind up.

Finally, there was a Q+A session with Eli Roth and his colleagues followed by a signing session. I now have all their signatures. (Happy Bunyip:) I hope that Eli and Daniel collaborate on more horror projects. And before I forget, the banana bread scene is hilarious. Thanks guys:)