Friday, 19 August 2011

Its been a while...

I know, I haven't written anything since June. Apologies. July was a very busy month.

To summarise....

1, Romeo and Juliet went really well. Great audiences and Mum said it was the best play she had seen at Network Theatre.

2, The Shakespeare play is on hold for a moment, while I write a short horror film instead. I'm currently on draft three. Its about a haunted theatre and its called Knock Knock. I'm hoping to get it screened at next year's Fright Fest. I do admit, I've gone the wrong way about getting support for my little project by approaching random people, requesting help and feedback and then not hearing back from them. Ho hum. However, I managed to corner one of them and he has made a couple of very useful suggestions which I am carrying forward.

3, I had a nice few days down in Cornwall with some fellow Dr Who fans. I really liked the arty vibe of St Ives. The Eden Project was enjoyable despite the rain. We also met up last weekend in Northampton and had a bit of a DVD fest. We watched Battlefield, the first episode of Revenge of the Cybermen and about half of Talons of Weng Chiang amongst others. The great thing about Northampton is that most of Talons was filmed there! We spent about an hour trying to identify Litefoot's house!

4, I helped my friend, James, celebrate his 30th birthday. Twas epic with seabreezes, dancing to apres-ski songs and (unwillingly) watching the England v Wales rugby praying for some fellow thespians to turn up!

5, And now for the bad news.... My depression is back:( Am seeing the doctor about it on Monday. Have been feeling on and off awful for about a week. Tired, tearful and not much of an appetite. Bugger.

Anyway, am off to another friend's birthday celebrations this evening. Hopefully, they will cheer me up a bit.

Take care,

An optimistic Bunyip

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