Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Can a machine think?

I'm going to an audition for a play called "Breaking the Code" on Tuesday. Its about Alan Turing who invented digital computing and was persecuted and arrested for being gay. (Its set in the 1950's when being gay was still illegal.) Alan's big question was "Can a machine think for itself?"

I met a computer last year called Elizabeth who was programmed to have conversations with people and react to whatever they wanted to chat about. She came up with some strange answers!

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can get cast in the role of Alan Turing's mum! She's typical old school, embarrassing mum at first, then she's really supportive. Fingers crossed because I've had three auditions since my last blog post and didn't succeed in any of them. Hmph.

Christmas was mainly good. Had a nice time in a posh hotel in Hampshire with my Mum, stepdad and friend, TJ. Then went on to my sister's, then my Dad's. Got some cool pressies eg a Canadian yeti, a signed John Barrowman photo, some cocktail mixers and a handdrawn picture of an orangutang:)

Did some improvised filming down in Brighton for a comedy series on YouTube called Happy Feet. I played an underqualified Podiatrist and a sister with a dark secret. Twas fun especially the unicorns:)

As for the unrequited love, still hurting. Wish I could stop hurting and get over them. Easier said then done. Wish Valentines Day didn't exist.

Take care,

An Angry with Cupid Bunyip.

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